How to lift-off (dissolve) cured Autodesk’s PR48 resin


I have a 3D structure printed using Autodesk’s PR48 resin. Then I coated some metal thin film on it. I would like to dissolve the resin, leaving a metal lattice (hollow shell metal). The metal I used has low meting point (<200-250`C) although chemically robust. I wonder if I could use any chemical solution to dissolve the cured resin, without breaking the fragile metal film coating on the surface?


That’s a tough one. Usually people burn out the resin to leave a hollow shell, but that would melt your metal. This paper may help, but you may be out of luck, as cured resin is hard to dissolve.


Probably easier to make a cold mould of the original, and then create a wax copy from the mould…

Then you could plate that in your metal film, and the wax should melt out below your 200 degrees…

All this depends on size/detail needed etc… but it’s theoretically possible (depending on how you put your thin layer of metal on that is…)


The question by icytide is exactly what I was looking for.

Do you know how high temperature is required to burn out the cured PR48 resin?
And, do you also know gas evolution rate and gas composition from the cured PR48 resin?

Thanks for your help!


Unfortunately we don’t have that information, because PR48 wasn’t designed to be burned out (PR stands for Prototyping Resin). Sorry about that! If you happen to find out, please post here so others can learn from your research.