How to get the window to stick to old tray?


Does anyone know the best wat to get the old windows to stick to the old trays?
I have four of them and all of them are popped off…they are all still good though.



One of our engineers found that it worked well to heat the back of the window (the glass, not the PDMS) up to maybe 80 °C with a heat gun, then place it into the tray, then put some kind of weight on the PDMS (without scratching it). You could potentially use a hotplate instead of a heat gun, but we haven’t tried that.


Thanks Owen!


Just a word of warning Andre,

My old trays were stuck pretty well, but I eventually had 2 fail mid print.

One right at the start and I noticed, avoiding much mess, another failed on a print I had I left running over night, which resulted in the entire tray of resin leaking into the machine, and 1/2 a days work to clean it all out the next morning.

It’s not worth the risk if you ask me. All my old style resin trays are gathering dust, and I wouldn’t use them now based on that experience. If they fail… it’s pretty grim.



Did see this post.
Thanks for that.

I bought two new trays and the machine is working flawlessly again

I do like the old resin trays clarity…its nice to be able to see if the print failed early