Help needed in london


is there anyone in London capable and willing to try and help with our printer. The print just falls off at the support contact and whatever I adjust in the settings doesn’t change anything. black resin ands also DS550


While not in London, perhaps I can at least help troubleshoot…

Where exactly does the print fail -

  • 1st layer?
  • Burn-in layers?
  • Model layers?
  • Attachment points to the model?
  • Supports structures?

First make sure everything is really ready to print.

  • Check for cloudy PDMS
  • Check for dirty glass - the underside of the tray and the print window on the machine.
  • Clean the build head really good with IPA (alcohol) and maybe even give it a light sanding.
  • Check the expiration date on the resin

If nothing sticks on the 1st layer, here are a couple of things to try:

  1. When you calibrate - and the build head is in the full down position - loosen the lock screw. Then with the door open, press down lightly while twisting the build head back a forth to squeeze the resin out from under the build head. Tighten the screw to lock the build head in place as you normally would. This will leave a very thin layer of resin, but certainly enough for the first layer exposure to cure. Print only the first layer and hit the pause button. Remove the build head and check to be sure the entire layer has cured.
  • b1 - if it fails partially - some sticks, some loose - try increasing the exposure value of the 1st layer only by 0.5 seconds and try again after straining the resin for floaters.
  • b2 - if nothing sticks, there should be some partially cured resin floating in the resin tray. Increase the exposure value by 2.0 seconds and try again after straining the resin.
  • b3 - if it looks good - cancel the current print, clean the build head, reprint the file, and follow the same process, but moving onto the burn in layers.

I’ll follow up with the burn-in layer troubleshooting


Hi Mike,

I’m based in London, and might be able to help.

DM me a phone number if you like, and I’ll give you a quick call.

If you mean your supports are printing, but just where they join the main model they’re breaking off, I think you’ll just need to adjust the advanced settings in the resin profile. Create a duplicate of your resin profile, and then adjust the copy. You’ll probably need to adjust the tip radius, and clearance (how far into the print the support tip pushes) Save on each tab, as printstudio deletes changes if you don’t save between tabs.

If you’re using DS550 you may well be the same Mike that gave me advice a few months ago… you were printing in the Cherry Resin at the time in Mark S’s workshop.

You’ll probably find Autodesks new castable resin much better. I ordered some recently, and find it better than anything else I’ve ever printed with on Ember (black/clear or any others) It’s also really easy on the PDMS. Your casters (if this is the same Mike), cast with it flawlessly… and said it was really nice to cast with.

I use IC-142