Has anyone been having constant problems with support attachment points with print studio


Ok Frustration time agin with the ember. I am using print studio for supports because I have a mac and don’t want to run windows on just to get netfab basic. The printer is extremely low hours and I have been using new trays with fresh resin. My supports will attach to the base and parts of the model, but it fails about 1/2 way through with the part disconnecting. Are there any other recommendations for software where point of contact size can be adjusted? After a year of problems and finally getting a working machine this is getting pretty bad. The machine is one step from eBay or the gun range I cant figure out which. I would just like to get a model to grow and not fail constantly.


I think I may be able to help a little…

For every resin you’re using you can adjust how PrintStudio builds it’s supports.

If you pick a resin and micron layer, you can choose advanced on the settings… which allows you to change the timings etc for the burn in layer, rotation speed etc…

But there’s also a tab for the build structure… which allows you to set how thick they are, what width they should be at the base, and when they’re touching the part.

If you bump up those values your support structure will be much less likely to break… but will naturally require a little more clean up at the end…

I’ve had a lot of success with using auto supports by making these values a little more conservative than they are… but i also feel you might want to consider making your own supports in your Cad file… which is what a lot of people seem to do… it’s certainly how i get my best prints.



Thanks for the advice I will give it a shot nowThese are the normal results I’m getting with cmyk


So I adjusted the settings to the following and the print fell off a brand new head 1/2 way through


Man, more trouble? Is there something in the air at your shop that inhibits curing??

Kidding aside, I’m sorry you’re still having problems even with a new printer. Those support settings look good to me. Parts should not fall off the build head. Try sanding the build head a bit to help the part adhere, and I would also turn up your LED current by a few milliwatts.


Since I can’t see how big the part is you are trying to print is in relation to the supports, it’s hard to know what is really going wrong. You can try putting a large flat surface that connects all the support bases together. I call it a ‘raft’ since I think that’s what the FDM guys call this type of feature.

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I wish It attached to the plate similar to the form two we rarely have failures on it!