Formlabs Resin on Autodesk Ember



My lab recently bought an Autodesk Ember. We also have a Form 2 and I love the resin collection provided by Formlabs. Since the Ember is open source, I plan to use the Formlabs resin in it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Can anyone provide any recommendation on how to handle the Formlabs resin on the Ember? What settings to use, etc.?



Formlabs resin operates on the same wavelength as Ember, but it’s a lot more viscous, which can make printing difficult. This thread has some tips from users:

Feel free to post there too if you find something that works well for a specific Formlabs resin.


Another user noticed that turning up the motor voltage caused the steppers to be warm, which warmed up the resin and decreased its viscosity. Turning up the motor voltage will also reduce jamming, so I recommend trying that if you’re comfortable taking off the Ember front panel enclosure.


Sounds good. I am looking into using Formlabs’ flexible resin, which is much more viscous than the tough one. Hence, I think I will need some viscosity reduction measurements. I was thinking of using a heat gun but that way the heat would be convected out pretty quickly. Warm steppers seams like a more efficient way of achieving a constant higher temperature


Great! I’d be very interested to know your results when you try it.


Also, with the very viscous resins, you may need to change the ApproachWaitMS settings to give the resins more time to stop flowing under the build head. Any resin that is moving when the exposure happens is not going to cure right.