First Layer and Burn -In Layer - What image is used?


Does the First Layer and Burn-In layers use the same image (slice_1), or does the Ember use Slice_1 for the First Layer and Slice_n for each n burn-in layer?


The First Layer and the Burn-In Layers are different layers. The First Layer is literally the first single layer, and the Burn-In Layers are as many layers are specified after that (prior to the Model Layers).


The question is what image does it use from the .tag.gz file. I'm just assuming it uses slice_1.png for the first layer, then slice_2.png for the 'first' burn-in layer... slice_3.png for the 'second' burn-in layer... etc... so that if I have 10 purn in layers, the last image file used would be slice_11.png.

OR..... does it use slice_1.png for FL and ALL B-I layers - then switches to slice_2.png starting with the first Model Layer?


Yes, I was referring to the images in the .tar.gz file. "slice_1.png" is the First Layer. "slice_2.png" + N are the Burn-In Layers.


Great - thanks!