Enhancing resolution by increasing PR48's absorbance


I have read in a paper about microfluidics channels how they increased the channel’s resolution by increasing the resin’s absorbance (and therefore decreasing the penetration depth, ha). This is just a preliminary thought, and I wanted to see if anyone has done something similar or if anyone knows what kind of chemical components I should add to the resin mix to enhance its absorbance. This would help me assess if this is worth investigating it a little more or not.


Hi @acostas,

I think I know the paper you are talking about.

Bottom line is you need to add a thing called a UV absorber which absorbs at 405nm (the wavelength of the light source in the ember). The amount of which would need to be determined experimentally. I speak under correction but there is probably already a UV absorber in the resin (this is typically the case). If you look up the ingredients and their role in the resin, adding more of the one which is a UV absorber will decrease your penetration depth.

If you are using the clear resin, simply using a coloured resin will decrease the ha, because the coloured pigment is absorbing. This could be something to try.
If you’re using the coloured resin there may be little to no benefit of including additional absorber.

Let me know if this works out.


In the PR48 formulation it’s Mayzo OB+. (This is also the component that soaks into the PDMS and reduces light transmission over time.)

Autodesk_Standard_Clear_PR48_Formulation.pdf (112.6 KB)