Ember Bill of Materials


Is there any plan to release the BOM or has it been released somewhere that I cannot locate?


It hasn’t been released, although the Ember CAD files show each part individually, so you could somewhat extrapolate from that. I’ll see if it would be possible to release it.


That would be fantastic. It would make it true open source hardware. Extrapolating from the model is not actually that easy. There are a number of components that you would have to guess at the specification or materials for.


I talked with my team, but the consensus was that since most of the parts are custom and many require injection molding, going through the effort of turning the BOM into a readable format and stripping out all of the sensitive information wouldn’t really offer customers much. The electronic BOM has already been released, so anyone can order the PCBs and have the Ember control system. But to make a working printer requires some mechanical engineering and machine building skills. A number of groups are building their own machines based on Ember, so hopefully some of them will be willing to release their designs, which will have more off-the-shelf parts than a production Ember.


So the Ember is not really open source then. The electronic BOM is just a part of the product. Injection molded parts historically can be released since these parts can be made using other methods. There are numerous mechanical components on the Ember that are difficult to define using only the assembly bodies. Releasing the part description, material and manufacturer is not all that difficult and would help toward claiming you have an open source hardware product.


I could not agree more.
Autodesk needs to keep its promise.