Efficient mixing of highly viscous resins


I have a very viscous resin that I use every day. I’ve been chatting with my colleagues about ways to save my arms from several minutes of intense shaking anyway – I like to reserve those muscles for martini making! Among the more practical solutions, we’ve toyed with using a rotary rock tumbler, immersion hand blender, paint mixer, stir bar plate, paint mixer, or orbital shaker. What factors should I take into consideration? Would more vigorous (eg with a hand blender) or constant agitation (eg on an orbital shaker) pose problems to the formulation lifespan? Does anybody have any suggestions for better agitators or methods to determine optimal mixing?

In a related question, is there a universal ideal temperature for ensuring successful polymerization and maximum reproducibility? Cheers!


Not sure about temperatures, but you can buy tube rollers (Scilogex is one brand) that slowly agitate the resin in two dimensions, which should keep it mixed (assuming it’s decently mixed when you initially put it on the rollers).