Effect of IPA bath in print resolution


I recently looked under the microscope some prints to test my horizontal resolution as shown here . I noticed that the positive features (extruded lines) are thicker than the flat ones - even though they should be the same.

I have read that this is somewhat intrinsic to the Ember, and difficult to avoid unless you modify your design to account for that (maybe using OPC). However, I think that maybe I am doing something wrong in my post-processing. I left these parts to soak in IPA for 10 minutes, as I always do. I just found out that IPA swells the parts. Therefore this may be one of the reasons why I get thicker positive features. Therefore, would the resolution be better without using any IPA at all? Maybe just cleaning the extra resin carefully with lens wipes would get rid of the extra resin and avoid this extra-swelling?


10 minutes in IPA is a generally accepted practice and shouldn’t swell the parts all that much. It’s also usually important to get rid of all the uncured resin on the surface, but if your parts don’t have a lot of crevices for resin to hide, lens wipes could be fine. I’d be curious to see a side-by-side test.


As Owen states, getting rid of all the extra resin is important. Sometimes it takes a bit of work. I use an air gun to blow off the parts after the IPA bath, spray IPA, blow, use my little IPA atomizer, blow some more, etc… the thicker resins (Formlabs tough, SM472) are really hard to get completely clean.


Sounds good. I may do some tests to evaluate whether this makes a difference or not. I will keep you guys posted if I do.


Please do!