Discrepancies between printsettings text file and Print Studio advanced setting


I have been looking at some code where the print settings are specified and comparing this to the advanced settings provided in print studio. It turns out they do not exactly match. Even though they should - right? For example, in the code I get the following time parameters for my model layers: “ModelExposureWaitMS”:0,“ModelSeparationWaitMS”:0,“ModelApproachWaitMS”:1000
While in PS the time parameters that I can adjust for the same layers are:
Wait (before exposure). Exposure time, and Wait (after overpress)
Since this is not a perfect match (at least wording-wise) I would appreciate some guidance. Even if they are the same parameters, why are they called differently?


I don’t see these listed in the ‘printsettings’ file - but I do see them via SSH. I would like a better explanation as to when these would actually occur in the layer cycle. If they are controllable via the
’printsettings’ file it may prove useful.

“ModelApproachWaitMS” I use all the time to add a dwell after the head has moved into curing position but before exposure. This helps evacuate the resin from under the “build head” to give better layer thickness control and to prevent curing issues due to resin movement during exposure.

Exposure time = "ModelExposureSec"
Wait (after overpress) ’ “ModelPressWaitMS”


I think the creators of Print Studio were trying to make the settings more readable, and weren’t expecting many users to edit the settings files directly.

Below is a translation of the parameters from Print Studio to the printsettings file. Note that any setting that begins with “Model” can also be substituted with either “First” or “BurnIn”, because each layer type has that same setting. For example ModelExposureSec controls the exposure time for the Model layers (all the layers after the Burn-in layers), so FirstExposureSec and BurnInExposureSec control the same setting for the First and Burn-in layers.

Layer height                   = LayerThicknessMicrons
Burn-in Layers                 = BurnInLayers
Wait (before exposure)         = ModelApproachWaitMS
Exposure time                  = ModelExposureSec
Separation slide velocity      = ModelSeparationRPM
Z-axis overlift                = ModelZLiftMicrons
Separation Z-axis velocity     = ModelSeparationMicronsPerSec
Approach slide velocity        = ModelApproachRPM
Approach Z-axis velocity       = ApproachMicronsPerSec
Angle of rotation              = ModelRotationMilliDegrees
Overpress                      = ModelPressMicrons
Overpress velocity             = ModelPressMicronsPerSec
Wait (after overpress)         = ModelPressWaitMS
Overpress return velocity      = ModelUnPressMicronsPerSec
Separation slide maximum jerk  = ModelSeparationRotJerk
Separation Z-axis maximum jerk = ModelSeparationZJerk
Approach slide maximum jerk    = ModelApproachRotJerk
Approach Z-axis maximum jerk   = ModelSeparationZJerk

@scott_chabineau as for your question, the reason you see settings via SSH that you don’t see in the printsettings file is that you’re accessing the global printer settings file, not the settings for that specific print (the printsettings file). Pretty confusing, especially given that the settings from the printsettings file are copied to the printer settings file when a job is loaded.

Here’s a PDF of all the settings: Ember Print and Printer Settings.pdf (131.3 KB)

This and other Ember info can be found in Word doc format (the most searchable and web-friendly format ever!) in the docs folder on the Ember github.


@OwenSmithyman I was actually wondering at what time in the layer setting cycle do “ModelExposureWaitMS” and “ModelSeparationWaitMS” actually take place?

“ModelApproachWaitMS” happens after the ‘build head’ has come down but before the exposure occurs. Does “ModelExposureWaitMS” occur directly after that, so that if I changed the global value to 5000, it would wait for 5 sec before exposure + whatever time was set for “ModelApproachWaitMS”?

And it seems the “ModelSeparationWaitMS” might occur directly after the exposure but before the tray begins its rotation. This would add a dwell (for whatever reason) directly after the exposure.



Thanks a lot!


Ah, my mistake. You’re correct that ModelApproachWaitMS happens after the build head has come down but before exposure, but ModelExposureWaitMS and ModelSeparationWaitMS are no longer used. I’m waiting to hear back if that means they CAN’T be used, or if they just aren’t used by Print Studio.