Connecting netfabb to ember


I have tried to follow the instructions but I just get a protracted ‘connecting via usb’ or connecting via network’ However the printer will and permantly is connected to Print Studio. Why isn’t it connecting to netfabb?


Are you trying to have it connect to Netfabb at the same time that it’s connected to PrintStudio? What if you close Print Studio and then try to connect to Netfabb?


No - Print studio is not open when I try and connect netfabb. Getting a bit miffed with the whole ember debacle now. 5K ona printer with no support and an expectation of paying £1,000 for an annual subscription to Netfabb to make the bloody thing print. Bit of a farce really.


My ember connects but when I send the file I get an ERROR 59-2 on the ember.


The error code 59 indicates that your print data file includes an unknown setting. If you upgrade your Ember to the latest version of its firmware, that error should go away.


Also having an issue connecting netfabb to my ember. I’ve confirmed printer is on the network (I can see status in, but when I close and then go to netfabb and enter the IP address, all I get is ‘Unconnected’. I am now essentially stuck as Netfabb won’t let me save the file without being connected either by USB or Network.

My ember is still on Firmware 2.12 - could this be the issue?