Cleaning projector window


A drop of resin seeped through the portion where the tray locks during a print and cured on the window that is below the PDMS (the window that protects the light source). How do I do about dissolving the cured resin or acquiring a new window?


Sorry your tray leaked! To remove cured resin from the window, simply scrape the resin off with a sharp razor blade – it should come off easily. Also check your private messages.


It is the discussion long time ago, but now I am in the same situation.

I wonder if the usage of a sharp razor might damage the printer window and changes light power which is finally delivered to the tray window.
And, one more question, what is the material of the printer window?

Thank you!


Don’t worry, if the razor blade is sharp, your window will be fine. Use a brand new blade if you’re worried about it. The window is borosilicate glass.


Thank you for your quick response! We were able to remove the resin by kimwipe, so it is fine now.
i will try a razor blade if the same thing happens again :slight_smile: