Change Projection Area


Hello everyone,

I want to decrease the pixel size in order to increase the resolution of my prints. Is there any way we can change the projection area in order to make it smaller and decrease the pixel physical size (while keeping the 1280 x 800 pixels resolution).

I was thinking that the same principle of a microscope can be used, where a big light source is projected to a smaller area. Another idea was to “get the projector closer” to the build platform so that the projection area gets smaller. However, I was worried about the focal length that the projector has would also need to be changed.

Thanks in advance for the help.


Hello and thanks for posting!

I have good news and bad news about this: you can unscrew the lens on the Ember projector and it will give you a smaller, higher-resolution image, but the focal length will significantly decrease. At 25µm resolution (1/4 the area of the original configuration), the focal length is only about 2cm, which will require the projector to be pointed directly up into the window. Obviously this won’t fit in the Ember enclosure, so you would need to build a custom bottom enclosure to hold the projector. If you’ve ever used 80/20 aluminum extrusions, they’re pretty ideal for this, since they’re cheap and you can bolt them together in basically any configuration.


Hi Owen,
Do you know exactly the optics BOM . The cad files for the ember is no longer available, do you have any download link that is working?


The optics are just this plus a mirror.

I didn’t realize the CAD went away. I’ll try and get it back.