Casting resin


It seems like Autodesk is already selling Casting resin to "Big Guys" according to Autodesk's new Youtube Video:

While Glidewell Laboratories is making 1,000s of crowns per day using IC-131 Autodesk Casting Resin already, when will it be release to rest of us "Small" guys? Is there a date set for release to public? So I don't buy large amount of resins from other suppliers that hardly (sometimes) work with Ember printer??




My take on that is that the current formulation of resin is adequate for the process dental labs are using but not quite there for our (jewelers) needs.

I have done my share of tests, and however promising, there not quite there yet.


Hi Patrick,

This casting resin was developed for dental casting applications that use phosphate based investments and higher temperature burn outs. We're currently validating its performance for jewelry casting with gypsum investments and lower temperature burn out cycles.



Please keep in mind that jewelers use Phosphate bonded investments for Platinum and Gypsum bonded investments for Gold & Silver. The ring showing above was cast in PT 950 and 18KY, with the respective investment materials.


I would like to add that there are other alternatives coming to market, here is a new product from R&R:

I doubt resin will ever become to behave as wax, but improvements on both, model material / investment material might close that gap. Its high price can be an obstacle for mass adoption, lets see if other companies get in the game and things normalise.

But first things first, I have to find a vendor who uses this new product and conduct some tests.


I've tried casting ember castable resin recently with gypsum based investment with only limited success. Meanwhile b9 resins like yellow cast flawlessly. It seems as if there are some chemistry constraints to have a castable resin cast well but only if the pdms cloudiness gets sacrificed.


hi everyone ,
please tell me what is the best casting resin that i can use with ember
in the past i used formlabs casting resin
but now i wanna use somthing better (in detail and casting results )like envision tec ec 500
soryy enlish isnot my first language
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


IC-131 or IC-142 work well if you can blow the ash out of your investment before putting in the metal. See here for more.