Cannot print out my part


Excellent! So glad it worked.
As for the ‘raft’ feature, I just imported the STL file into Solidworks, added it to the model and saved a new STL file. In Solidworks, I create the ‘boss’ feature but uncheck the “Merge” option. This creates a separate solid body. I then add a chamfer to the inside edges that will attach to the part, creating a joint that is around 100~150um thick. Then I ‘combine’ the bodies to create a single body before saving the STL file.


Wow! Thanks for helping, Scott!


Hello Scott and Owen,

Thank you so much for both of your help!! Sorry for the late reply as I have been working on my final exams. I will definitely have more questions in the future as I will print more parts in our lab. Hopefully you guys could help!

Best Regards


Good luck on your exams!