Cannot print out my part



I am trying to print out a molder and somehow it’s only giving me the support. Could you help me? The picture here is the support settings of in the print studio. I put it 60 degree above the x plane.


Additional settings in the print studio


Are there any features on the backside that aren’t self-supporting? If not, I would just lay it flat on the build plate and not use supports.


Thanks for the reply! I actually tried in the beginning of just laying if plat, but somehow it only came the first couple of layers but not the whole structure. Probably I did something wrong with the settings?


A part like this should print flat.

A couple of things to check:

  1. Calibration - make sure you give the build head enough time to settle completely. I usually press down firmly on the build head while its loose and hold it for 30 seconds. Once the build head doesn’t swivel easily but feels ‘stuck’, I release and wait about 5 more seconds before tightening the lock screw.
  2. Separation RPM’s for the first 3-5 layers - I usually set these down @ 1-2 RPM to give the motor more torque.
  3. ApproachWaitMS (Dwell time before cure) for the first 3-5 layers (more if 10-micron slices or less are used): I usually set this to 2000-3000 ( 20- 30 seconds) to allow for the resin to be pushed out and stop flowing from under the build head. If the resin is still flowing - even slowly, the layer will not cure correctly.


Thanks, Scott! The other reason that a print can result in just the bottom few layers is if the resin is not getting enough light. Resins like PR48 and most third-party casting resins will cause UV blockers to be absorbed into the PDMS window in the tray, which permanently reduces the amount of light that gets through. To compensate, you can increase your exposure time, increase your projector LED current, or use a new tray.


Thank you very much for your help! I will have another trial and hopefully it will work. :smile:


Thank you very much for your help! Sorry I am a beginner user of Ember so probably this sounds stupid, but could you tell me what is the RPM and Approach Wait MS meaning? Are these in the advanced settings?


Yes - sorry, these are the PrintSettings titles when editing using Brackets (advanced stuff, but worth the effort).

Look for the following terms in the PrintStudio Advanced material settings (Change in First Layer, Burn-In Layer, and Model Layer):

Separation Slide Velocity
Wait (before Exposure)


Thank you very much for the reply! So I just want to make sure I am understanding you correctly. Should I change the Wait (before exposure) and Separation slide velocity for all First layer, Burn-in layer and Model layer? Actually should I keep these two settings same for all of the three layers?


For your model, I would just change the first layer and burn in layers of the standard CMYK settings. Leave the model layers alone for now. Once the build head is far enough off the surface of the PDMS window, it gets easier. If you have issues with the final part thickness, increase the wait time of the model layers by 0.5 seconds.


Hello Scott,

I have been kept testing the print since our last contact, but unfortunately it has been kept giving me the unsatisfied results. Basically I just get couple of layers on the window and nothing on the head. The photo is what I have got from one trial. Could you probably give any suggestions?


It may be easier if you can post the STL file (or better yet the tar.gz file that can be saved from within print studio). I can then try a couple of things and see if I get the same results.


Hello Scott,

Thank you so much for the help! It is unfortunate that my Print Studio is down in my computer, so I have been kept working on it. But it turns out the computer has got the hardware problem. Could you happen to tell me your email? I am a new user so I cannot upload the file here. Very much appreciated for your valuable time!


I set your user level higher – try uploading now.

Did you try my suggestions for compensating for not enough light?

I would start by increasing the Model Exposure Time by ~25% (unless you’d like to try a new tray).


Hello Scott,

Thanks for giving me your email! I can upload the file now thanks to Owen, so you could find it here. Thank you very much for your time and help!
foldscope_lens_mold.stl (327.6 KB)


Hello Owen,

Thank you very much for the help! So I actually tried to increase the exposure time. I did not change the Model Layer due to Scott’s suggestion. As for the new tray, it is not an option for me since I actually work in a University lab, and we only have one tray for each of the color now unfortunately. :confounded: Maybe you want to have a look at the STL file as well? Thank you very much for your time!
foldscope_lens_mold.stl (327.6 KB)


So I have printed the part successfully on my printer. I did add a raft to the part to help hold it flat.

I printed this @ 25um layers. Here are my settings:

And here is the tar.gz file:
foldscope_lens_mold.tar.gz (86.7 KB)

See the ZIP file for some photos of the printed part on the build head.
Photos (14).zip (2.7 MB)

And some close ups of the boss feature…


I have modified my printer to prevent the tray from deflecting when the build head presses into the resin. This may not be possible for you since you are at a University. Essentially, I added a couple of set screws on the outer edge of the tray mounting plate. I had to turn down the set screw tips to clear the prox sensors underneath, and have to cut out a piece from the tray front lock tab.

If my print settings don’t work for you then you may need to increase the wait time before exposure.


Hello Scott,

Finally! I have got the stunning result from your file with your setting of the print studio. Thank you so much for your help! So I am curious how you did the raft underneath, as it seems very helpful and in the future when I want to print something with a base probably I could try this way. Again, thank you very much for your help!!