CAD file for new trays is here


Here is the CAD file for the updated polypropylene tray. All the components are separate entities, including the molded PDMS. At some point this will be posted on the “open hardware” page on the Ember site, but I wanted to make it available as soon as possible.

Resin Tray Plus (1.5 MB)


Vat Replacement Frequency
Polypropylene tray, CAD file request
Polypropylene tray, CAD file request

Ember delivered !
Thank you Owen !


Awesome sauce!


small concern here… a quick assembly check with the models shows an interference with the peel plate. Can anyone who has these new trays confirm the CAD matches reality?


I import the CAD of the new tank in Ember’s assembly and align the focal planes (PDMS area.)
I notice the tray and the tray holder overlap by 1.2mm.
Also, the tabs do not seem to lock in place.
Can you please advise?


It turns out the window hole in the Peel Plate (aka Vat Support Plate) CAD is a little too small. I overlaid a real plate against the design, and everything matches except the window:

The new tray CAD does match reality. I measured the relationship between the feet and window edges with calipers and they match the CAD. (I also got the CAD from the person whose company just produced thousands of these trays based on this CAD.)

But aside from the plate window being too small in the CAD, everything else should be good.


OK but what about the focal plane height?
If you import the new tray CAD in Ember assembly CAD, the PDMS sits 1.2mm higher.

I know this is not the case in real life, because all printings would be off scale/resolution, but we still need to know where is the discrepancy.


Figured it out: the PDMS surface in the original tray CAD is 1.2mm lower than it is in the actual tray, because it doesn’t include the adhesive gasket. If you move the PDMS+glass up by 1.2mm in the CAD, that should give you an accurate model.


This is good news !
Thank you for clearing that up Owen !
And I can use this extra 1.2 mm !


I have a worn out tray; it is completely unusable now so i tried to open the back side to figure out its design.

I’m amazed that the pdms is not a perfect rectangle; it has extrusions designed to sit well with the screw threads and the black gasket. I’m pretty sure the manufacturer of the tray has a negative mold for the PDMS. And unlike the old tray, they didn’t seem to apply a wacker primer on the glass slide, the pdms can be detached from the glass easily without leaving any marks. Thus making the glass slide reusable. The new tray’s glass slide is also smaller than that of the old tray.

Im thinking of making a negative mold of the PDMS, but i am yet to figure out HOW. I just have an idea of having a negative mold where the base inside the mold is the glass slide, then pour the pdms on it. When done, attach it to the tray; seal the corners of the pdms to the tray with a small amount of pdms or soft UV curable doming resin.

@OwenSmithyman , is there a way we can get a CAD of the negative mold, too? My wishful thinking. :wink:


Wishful thinking! :wink:


With the “positive " solid model, you can create your own 'Negative” mold. Shinkage, drafts, etc… would be up to you.