Bushing wearing off?



I have been working with EMBER for quiet some time. We are trying to print optical elements. Last week, both the motors started getting struck during operation randomly. The rotation of the motor completely stopped, while the Z Axis motor makes disturbing sounds as though getting jammed along the Z axis movement (when the platform desends down before calibration, and when it moves up after the print is finished). I opened the screws, and I saw that the Rubber(not sure) bush that connects the shaft and the build head has started wearing off, and the powder getting stuck in between during the motion, which might be causing the sounds.

Is this a wear and tear problem? If so, would it be possible for me to access new parts for bushing? Has anyone else come across such a problem? Could someone guide me please?

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If you contact Igus they should be able to help, the linear slides were an off-the-shelf product