Build Ember


I have a question about building my own printer Ember. I want to buy Beaglebone Black Ember, upload the firmware and then start the engine and all functions of the printer.
Can I run this software having only Beaglebone Black and check the operation of the software?
Do I need to display? If so, how can I take informations about how to connect it?
Where to connect the motor controllers in BBB?
Where to connect the buttons in BBB?
Where to get the answers to these questions?
I'm not a programmer, and I have a basic knowledge of mail, but I know how to build a mechanical printer. I would be grateful for any help.


Hi Daniel. We've posted all of the open source resources online, but you'll have to figure out the answers to these questions yourself. Here are links to the open source Ember postings:

Good luck!


Any updates on your build, Daniel?


For now, the lack of progress in building Ember. I bought Beaglebone Black and Replicape + manga screen and will build FDM printer. It is a little cheaper and easier for me to start with. Ember is for me a very interesting and spectacular but I admit that I do not have enough electronic knowledge to everything worked. I am an mechanical engineer and mechanical CAD design for me is as easy. It is possible that in the future I will return to the intention of building a printer SLA/Ember. Some time ago I got the Z-axis guide from IGUS... :D



Link for the source CAD files is not working :frowning: