Bug in firmware? - Solved - (no bug)


As I am doing some tests with FEP film release, I set Angle of rotation to 0, disabled jam detection and set the detection height to 200mm.

Problem is that when I pause the printing to inspect adhesion, the build platform does not raise to inspection height. Is this a bug in the firmware?


200 mm is too large of an inspection height for Ember. When a print starts, the build head only moves down by 165 mm. So even if you paused it at the very first layer, the build head would have to move to 35 mm above its end stop to reach that height!
Ember never raises the build head for inspection when its current Z position doesn’t provide enough headroom for the specified inspection height.


Oh, very good point greener1.
This did not occur to me since no error msgs pop up on the screen indicating the desired move is outside machine’s envelope.

I ll give it another try.


Tested, I now understand how its meant to work, and the logic behind it.
Thank you for clearing things up!