Autodesk Desktop App


Now that Print Studio is no longer being updated by Autodesk, is it safe to uninstall the Desktop App?


Hi Scott.

I managed to upgrade to Creators, and keep PrintStudio working.

I didn’t do anything unusual, but then I had massive trouble getting it working back before the update (which I detailed in a post at the time… I basically had to manually install a lot of the shared DLL’s again, as the PrintStudio mistakenly thought it had installed them when it hadn’t).

Anyway… if you’re a fan of PrintStudio and don’t want to use that other convoluted App as an alternative, it might be worth trying to get PS working with Creators.



I’m not familiar with Creators - who publishes this software?


Sorry Scott, I meant the Windows 10 Creators update. It broke PS for some people. It didn’t break it for me… so I can still us PS after the upgrade.


Ah - that makes sense now. I’m still on Win7 :grinning:
However, recent corporate rumblings indicate well go to 10 soon, so it’s something I will most certainly need to be thinking about!