Alternative clear resin


hey guys,

what would be an ideal alternative for the PR48? It seems that the resin is not offered on Ember official website and many distributors are back ordered. MakerJuice offers many with color, but no clear option. Formlabs resin is more viscous than the PR48.

wondering if anyone tried other options.

thanks :slight_smile:


We’re currently having an issue with our store API, which will hopefully be resolved soon. Stay tuned!


hey Owen, thanks for the reply. hopefully the resin will be in stock again soon!


tried to use formlabs clear as a replacement for the PR48. the print was successful. However, it is really hard to clean the print with isopropyl alcohol due to the high viscosity . tried ultrasonic for 1 hour and put in another clean alcohol bath for 24 hours, there is still uncured resin left on the print…

anyone else tried other resin?


Glad to hear the print was successful, but that seems more difficult than it should be. FormLabs’ instructions say to agitate in IPA for 2 minutes and soak for 10 minutes in two IPA tubs (24 minutes total), so 24 hours of soaking plus 1 hour of ultrasonic should be more than enough. Is it really cold in your lab? The viscosity of these resins can vary greatly depending on the temperature.


We just learned about another low-viscosity clear resin that may work as an alternative to PR48. It’s new, so you have to call them to get a sample, but it sounds like it might be good. Brochure is attached below.

Surehold SLA Clear Resin.pdf (470.4 KB)


Dunk your finished print in a bath of glycerine. Cure it under a UV lamp for a couple of minutes. That will cure and take out the tackiness of the printed model.


Working with FormLabs Tough has some of the same issues. What I found to work (also similar workflow for ALL resins I have tried so far):

  1. 5-10x dunk and let drain in ‘grey water’ IPA to clean most excess resin off.
  2. Use a spray bottle with CLEAN IPA to spray off the part with a generous wetting.
  3. Blow off with compressed air (this is the bit that really needs a dedicated glove box)
  4. Spray again with CLEAN IPA
  5. repeat steps 3-4 until satisfied with results. For PR48 and the like - about 6-10x. For FormLabs - about 15-20x

BIG NOTE on #3 - wear gloves, long sleeves, and eye protection if you don’t have a glove box or spray booth.


After cleaning with IPA and curing under UV, some of our customers leave the print in water for a few days, which theoretically allows for more complete polymerization.


Have you tried the Photocentric UV resin range?


We haven’t tried it – do you know if it’s curable with 405nm UV? The website doesn’t say.


I contacted surehold for a sample. Haven’t got the sample yet but the customer service was the best I have ever seen. I will post back once I have tested it.


Let us know if their resin is brittle after post curing. Thank you @mapadebe!



So I got a chance to print with it yesterday. I didn’t have a lot of time to mess around so I just ran it with the PR48 25um method.

I printed the test print from the instructable on setting up new resins. The XY resolution was pretty good better than the PR48 in fact. It doesn’t feel brittle and seems more flexible than the PR48 (I don’t have any equipment to measure the elastic properties so take this with a pinch of salt). for e.g. the same test print with the PR48 shattered when I tried to remove it from the build plate, whereas with this resin it was intact. It doesn’t seem brittle I guess but I don’t really have numbers for you.

I didn’t have time to optimize the layer exposure parameters so there is still a lot of room for improvement. When I have a chance I will do this and make a full post in the forum.

I do recommend getting in touch with them just to get a sample to try out. Whoever is manning their customer service email is very efficient. I emailed them on the Friday and had my free sample by the Tuesday.



Can you post some pictures of your print?

How much did you pay for the sample? Thanks!


I didnt order it but I received a sample of SureHold but haven’t tried it yet…where do I find the instructable on changing ember exposure times and has anyone set up a successful exposure time for the surehold?
(once again…novice but getting into it! lol)


Hi Andre,

When printing with the standard 50um PR48 method, the SureHold has alarming amounts of cure-through. This makes me think it needs significantly less time to cure.

I want to throw some of it in the spectrophotometer to see what the spectrum looks like, but I haven’t had time to.


To change exposure times, choose a resin preset in Print Studio, then open the Advanced Settings dropdown and change the exposure times. You’ll need to modify it for all three layer types (first, burn-in, and model). As for how much to change it, you can either use trial and error, or you can take a working curve if you have a thickness gauge or micrometer.