Addition of solid lubricants to resin



I am considering adding tephlon and graphite powders to my resin so that they would enhance the dry lubrication of my parts. I am scared of the new materials messing up my prints or the print reacting negatively to the new composition. Any thoughts or experience on this matter?


Tagging @CPS for advice on this.


We have printed with some silica powders which didn’t noticeably change the ability of the resin to print. The biggest challenge for us was the viscosity increase which we compensated for by slowing down the rotation speed. For best results ensure that the powders you are incorporating into your resin do not settle out over time. If they settle quickly there will likely be build up on the window which will make the prints fail. Let us know how it goes!


Great. I will start with very low powder density (which should work) and increase from there. These are tolerance-sensitive parts, so I will keep a close look at print variations and keep you informed!