Adding resin mid-print: good or bad?



I am about to run my first print on the ember, but the total volume of my part is 72 mL.
The tray allows for 100 mL of resin at most, but also requires a minimum of 50 mL.
Given this, I have two questions:

  • Does the minimum volume of 50 mL only matters at startup and is not required throughout the whole print?
  • If the 50 mL rule is strict, can I pause the print mid-way and add resin to prevent the level going too low?

My apologies if this is a trivial question, and thanks in advance to anyone that can shed some (UV) light on this.




Hahaha nice pun. There’s no problem with adding resin mid-print, but it’s a lot easier to just use more resin than you need, and then filter the excess when you finish, and store it in a dedicated container. You can keep reusing resin many times (although it’s best to keep it separate from fresh resin just in case contaminants get in there when you’re pouring it back in).


Adding resin midway is no problem. The most common cause of failure on long prints is forgetting :smile:

The max resin amount is based on how fast you are rotating the tray. In the old tray’ if you had too much resin and had the separation speed up @ 10 or 12 RPM, the resin would splash over the edge! The new trays are less of an issue since there is more room overall (and more resin volume).


Thanks a lot Owen and Scott. I’ll make sure I get the right amount before I start.

Best Regards,