Active/Smart resins


Hello Ember users, I am looking for active/smart dlp printable materials. It would be very nice to print components that can elongate in presence of a electric/magnetic field or if heated up.
Does someone know something about that?

Thank you guys!


I don’t know off the top of my head whether something like this exists (which is usually a good thing in academia). You may want to go to web of science and see if a) there are photopolymers which have this behaviour and b) can be polymerized at 405nm.

It would be cool to fabricated those MIT hair structures with these materials and then use an underlying magnetic field to control them.

Sounds very interesting, good luck.


Indeed I am doing my master thesis in mechatronics. Thank you for your help!


You could try creating a suspension of magnetic nanoparticles (maybe iron?): Mix like 10wt% in some flexible resin (I have found the formlabs resins to work well for creating suspensions, although I haven’t tried the flexible resins) and ultrasonicate for like 10min. Print some parts and measure the deflection of as a function of a) magnetic field strength for a number of compositions. I think that would be a very nice paper.


Thank you again!


For suspending metal particles, the resin needs to be very viscous, or else the metal will settle out. Formlabs resins are more viscous than Ember resins, so it makes sense that they would work well.


@avindrolam may be interested in reading this


Just for interest sake:
I’m no colloid expert, but in my experience, the chemical nature of the resin plays an important role as well. I have used the experimental clear resin from Surelabs (the highest viscosity I have) and it wasn’t able to maintain a suspension, also epoxy which is the viscosity of syrup works slightly worse than the formlabs for some reason.


Just an idea:
If the metal additives settle in the tray during the build process, adding a stationary ‘mixing’ comb might help. If you attached a second ‘swiper arm’ to the opposite side of the build head with some sort of comb attached, as the tray rotated the resin could pass through the comb and be remixed with each layer.


Thank you again…I will work on it and let you know!


“Hello Ember Users,
The Additive Design and Manufacturing (ADaM) Laboratory headed by Dr. Ahmed Jawad Qureshi and the Advanced Composite Materials Engineering (ACME) Group headed by Dr. Pierre Mertiny at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, have already developed PR-48 resin suspensions with magnetic fillers. We have been successful in controlling magnetic particle settling in the PR-48 resin. The proof of concept of our research in multiple aspects of magnetic 3D printing including particle settling control has been accepted for publication. Stay tuned for more updates on the paper and magnetic components printed using the AUTODESK EMBER printer.”


Cool! Please post a link to the paper when it is published. I’d be very interested to read it.


Hello Mr Owen Smithyman,
Once it is available online i will post the link.