Access to Firmware through PrintSettings file


Now that the hardware and software are no longer supported officially via Ember - can someone tell me how to access the firmware settings with a line in the printsettings file? Specifically, it would be nice to turn on/off the detect jams in the printsettings, as well as control the LED power setting.

I suspect it would be a pull request off the main github program (not that I know much about this…)


No, you don’t have to do that, these settings are accessible by terminal window.
look at this topic:
Turn off the engine of the rotary plan

I suspect that making Ember stop waiting for feedback after print completion needs a firwmare edit, but I did not get a reply to that yet:


I am hoping to find a way to do this without having to use putty every time. If I change a setting for one print for R&D purposes, it would be nice to not have to worry who is printing something right after me that might be really messed up if the setting were not changed back. It has happened once already…

I guess I’m not sure why some things are defined as printer setting vs. a Print Setting.

We can stop rotation via Print Settings but have to turn off Jam detection in Terminal.
We can adjust the exposure time in Print Settings but not the LED current (I know - it’s kinda the same thing)


What you say makes perfect sense to me.
Now that I think about it, I have jamming detection off because I once needed to test something and forgot to turn it back on…

Firmware needs touch ups, for users to be able to work efficiently.
It is uncertain to me if Autodesk has also dropped firmware development.
Can we please have a clarification on that?


I think this was just a problem of how many settings to expose to the user, and at the time of architecting the firmware, we didn’t think people were going to spend a lot of time changing the printer settings. So there’s no way to change a printer setting via the printsettings file. However, there are other ways to do it besides PuTTY. I just discovered that you can access Ember’s flash memory using FileZilla, which is a lot more convenient:

  1. Download FileZilla Client

  2. In FileZilla, go to File > Site Manager

  3. In the Site Manager Window, fill in your printer details as follows (the Host IP can either be via USB as pictured or via your network if your Ember is connected to it):

  4. Click Connect and navigate in the Remote Site pane to /var/smith/config, and select the settings file.

  5. Right-click the settings file (it must be highlighted first) and choose View/Edit from the context menu

  6. Use the default text editor or choose a different one. The settings file will open.

  7. Make your changes, save them, and close the file.

  8. In FileZilla, select Save changes and delete local file to save your changes to the settings file inside Ember.

Hope this helps!


Thanks guys for the feedback. I guess I need to modify the request…
Can I hack the firmware myself now to give access to a few of these settings? I would image it’s possible - and I would be opening myself to creating my own issues - but as long as I had a known good firmware version that I could install in case of major issues - I might be up for the challenge:slight_smile:


If you take on the torch you will be my personal hero :sunny:
I wish I could help but programming is not my thing…


I’m a glutton for punishment is more likely. While not a professional programmer, I’m not afraid to burn a few dinners before getting it right. :grinning:


It just so happens that I’ve been working on a tutorial to do exactly what you’re asking, and I just posted it! It even comes with an Edit Config feature that may be what you need.