2D pattern for the mounting plate and the EMI shield


We are building a second projector system for Ember and hence would need to cut out a mounting plate and the EMI shield. Is there a possibility to get the unbend (2D) pattern for laser cutting? Maybe also for the projector mounting plate? Or is there a way to extract it from the 3D model?

Sangeetha Suresh


Hi Sangeetha! Thanks for posting, sorry for the delay. We’ve been closed this last week. Yes, you can extract the pattern from the 3D model, although you’ll need to manually unbend the model using Fusion to get the original pattern. I went ahead and extracted the projector mounting plate for you just to make sure it was possible. It’s attached to this post. If you’re bringing it into Illustrator, use 1 unit = 1 mm for the scale.

Mounting Plate.dxf (6.2 KB)

Before you go to the trouble to extract the EMI shield pattern, I want to make sure you actually need the shield. It was made to satisfy FCC regulations, which often don’t matter to users except in very specific situations. Do you have extremely sensitive equipment that receives radio signals and/or will malfunction if it receives interference?

If so, here are instructions to extract 2D patterns from the Ember CAD model:

  1. Preview the CAD from here by clicking Download the CAD.
  2. In the 3D viewing window that opens, open the Download menu in the upper right corner, then choose Fusion 360 Archive (.f3d).
  3. Download the f3d file when you receive the link in your email.
  4. In Fusion, go to File > New Design From File, and choose the downloaded f3d file.
  5. Expand the model tree on the left and locate the part you want to extract. For example, the Projector EMI Shield is located in Base Assembly > Sliding Projector Assembly > Projector - Wintech PRO4500. Hide all the other parts by clicking the little lightbulb next to them.
  6. Right click the component (Projector EMI Shield in this example) and choose Activate. This will cause new sketches to appear inside it, rather than elsewhere in the model tree.
  7. For each face you want to make a DXF for, select the face, right-click it, and choose Create Sketch to make a 2D sketch of the face. A new sketch object will be created under Sketches.
  8. Right-click the new Sketch and choose Save As DXF.
  9. Once you have all the DXFs, combine them using Illustrator or another vector graphics program. This will be pretty tedious with the EMI shield because it has so many bends (hence me asking if you really need it).

Hope this helps!


Hi Owen
Thank you very much for your support!
Sangeetha Suresh


You’re very welcome! Were you able to create your second projector system?